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Half Day Bayeux Private Sightseeing Visit

The Advantages of chosing TWO half-day Private Tours

→ Cost : A half-day Private Tour or Sightseeing Visit, with fixed Bayeux departure costs €320 + 10 p/p.  A full-day Mix & Match Private Tour costs €520 + €20 p/p for TWO half-day Tours, including complete customizabilty, and a free Bayeux Hotel pick-up / drop-off, with a later morning departure option. These Tours are also available with Bayeux or Caen Train Station pick-up / drop off, or Caen hotel (+ Caen supplement).

→ Our flexible & customizable full-day Mix & Match Private D-Day Tours & Cultural Visits consist of TWO half-day Tours or Sightseeeing Visits, which are selected by clients at checkout, and then customised according to client preference – and with your guide or chauffeur’s assistance and recommendations (based on transit times) – on the day of your tour.

→ These tours have been specially designed to give clients as much flexibility as possible within a semi-fixed daytrip scenario. While the Sightseeing Visit, accompanied by your chauffeur, is completely flexible (up to 4 hours / 350km), our Mix & Match D-Day Tours remain ‘fixed’ – meaning they have a pre-determined route – however the sites which we will visit remain strictly client preference. In order to ensure 100% satisfaction for every client, your guide will ask you to compile your itinerary (in the bus, enroute to your first site) from a selection of D-Day sites & Sightseeing Locations featured in or around your chosen route that day. We can typically spend 20 to 30 mins driving to our first D-Day site in the morning, so you will have plenty of time to discuss your choices with your guide, who will be only too happy to make suggestions, tweak where necessary (depending on your preferences and on your second tour choice that day), or to simply step on the gas

Our *Premium Chauffeur Service (*reduced rates apply)

→The Sightseeing  Visit is delivered by our Chauffeur Services and as such is ideal for families with young children, for the elderly, or for clients who would simply find a half-day spent navigating around Bayeux exhausting! We can pick you up in central Bayeux for a morning visit, and there is an option for a morning train station pick-up too. In the afternoon, while we only still pick up from central Bayeux (Place-de-Québec), we can still drop you off at the train station at 18:00, in plenty of time to catch the 18:35 Mon – Fri train back to Paris.

→ The great advantage of having our Driver-Guide accompany you on your sightseeing trip, is that you will have all the advice you need on hand, to help you get the most out of your half-day visit. For clients, the added peace of mind of knowing that you will not get lost, will make your connecting onward train, and that you have a chauffeur on standy – and on speed-dial on the courtesy mobile phone we will furnish you with – will no doubt be a great reasssurance.

→ Our Chauffeur Services are extremely flexible : After accompanying you to your chosen location (or setting you down), your driver may either wait for you by your vehicle, or ‘shadow’ you during your short sightseeing trip (that is to say, ‘follow’ you at a great enough distance to not be of noticeable inconvenience). However he may also, upon request, accompany you inside The Tapestry or Cathedral. NB : Only French Guides-Conférenciers are legally allowed to guide inside from within certain French Public Monuments, Tourist Attractions & Heritage Sites, and both the Cathedral and The Tapestry employ their own official guides, who conduct in-depth Group & Private Tours within these buildings (more info on the Bayeux Tourist Info website). However, many tourists, and most of our own clients, often prefer to simply use the on-site official self-guide pamphlets, which are also free.

→ After collecting you, we typically advise spending 20 mins driving around Bayeux, passing The Bayeux Commonwealth Cemetery, The Museum Of The Battle Of Normandy, The Eisenhower Monument, Place Saint-Patrice, The High Street, Old Wheel and Cathedral, so clients can get a feel for the place. Medieval Bayeux is stunning, and a short drive round, with plenty of time later in the day to stop for coffee & snacks, can be the perfect activity following a half-day D-Day Tour (Se our Mix & Match page for full-day tour options).

The most poplular Tourist Attractions to visit

→ Our recommended hotspots to visit are merely suggestions based on the most popular tourist activities, and given the short 4-hr duration, we recommend : 1. Bayeux  Sights – ‘drive-round’ (20 mins), 2. Bayeux Tapestry (45 mins – 1 hour), 3. Bayeux Cathedral (20 – 30 mins), 3. Le Petit TrainMedieval Bayeux Tour (40 mins), 4. Freetime sightseeing – either ‘shadowed’ or with driver + vehicle on standby (1-hr) and an additional 25 mins for visiting one of the large french supermarkets, to purchase drinks, sandwiches & snacks for the onward trip.  For a sit-down meal prior to onward travel, we heartily recommend a 45-min stop at Leclerc supermarket, which make the cheapest & best burgers in town.  And the Normandie Burger is served on a delicious black bun!

→ You will have your own dedicated multilingual chauffeur in a small private group throughout the entire duration of the 4-hr Sightseeing Visit, who will go out of his / her way to make your day memorable and endeavour to meet your every transport need.

→ Our Half-Day Private Sightseeing Visits are suitable for clients who are arriving in Bayeux by train at 09:16, Mon – Fri, from Paris St. Lazare Station (or Caen). Alternatively clients could opt to still travel to Caen / Bayeux on that same rail-service, but spend the morning shopping in Caen / Bayeux,  and after lunch depart Bayeux with us at 14:00 for an afternoon Half-Day Private Sightseeing Visit. At the end of the morning visit, we will return you to Place-de-Québec at 13:30, or in the case of the afternoon visit, we will either return you to Place-de-Québec at 18:00, or we can drop you at the Train Station in plenty of time to catch the 18:35 train back to Paris.

*If clients should be seeking more in-built flexibility, NormandyONtour recommends either a Full-Day 9-hr Premium Chauffeur Service, or our Flagship Overlord-Neptune multiple-day D-Day Experience Tour.

NB : This Service is available in other languages : When booking online simply choose from English (native-speaker guide), Français, Deutsch or Español.

Travel in style, safely…

Our D-Day Half-Day Private Sightseeing Visits are conducted in luxury 8-seat Mercedes Tourers with air-conditioning front and rear, drinks holders, a fridge to keep your water chilled, tinted electric windows for your privacy, USB charging points for all of your devices, onboard WiFi and exceptionally comfortable seating complete with leather upholstery. Not only do our vehicles have automatic gearboxes offering the smoothest ride possible, but they are also equipped with the latest in vehicle & passenger security technology to ensure your safety always. Finally, in order to ensure the health & safety of our clients at all times, our Professional Drivers have also been First-Aid certified.

Sightseeing Visit Schedule

This service operates Monday to Saturday from April 2nd to October 31st each year.  From November 1st until March 31st select services will still operate so please get in touch if you wish to book us during the Winter season. A Private service is also available on Sundays throughout the year, and reservations are via email only.

Pick-up Times & Locations

→ If you are based in Bayeux then we suggest a Mon-Fri, 09:00 – 09h30 hotel start for this tour (NB : 09:45 is our earliest Saturday start for any tour), returning to your Bayeux hotel at 18:00 (18:30 Sat). Alternatively, why not book a Mon – Fri, 09:30 Place de Québec pick-up in the centre of Bayeux and take a morning stroll through Bayeux and grab a fresh coffee & croissant before your tour starts? (If the weather is poor on the day, simply call us on +33 (0)783 810 921 and we will come pick you up – and we will bring the coffee with us!

NB : We advise clients to schedule their D-Day Tour first, in the morning, and after a flexible 1-hr lunchbreak we can begin our Bayeux Sightseeing Visit. The afternoon Sightseeing Visit is delivered by our Chauffeur Services, therefore your driver and your itinerary are completely at your own discretion…

→ If you are based in Caen then you may either book a flexible Caen pick-up & drop-off at checkout or you might consider taking the 09:01 Caen > Bayeux, Mon – Fri train and choosing a free Bayeux Station pick-up. (*Please note that since we are Bayeux-based, there is a supplement payable for Caen pick-up / drop-off services).

*The scheduled Paris > Caen / Bayeux train arrives in Bayeux at 09:16 Mon – Fri and we will always *wait for you at the station. For Caen-based clients : The Caen > Bayeux Saturday train departs Caen 09:03 on Saturdays and we can pick you up at Bayeux Station on Saturdays too (Please be sure to check all train schedules ahead of travelling).

{*Please see our T&Cs on the ‘About Us’ menu above}.

The Sightseeing Visit is ON



Mix & Match Private Sightseeing Visits –  Flexible start times for Bayeux-based clients (Mon – Sat)

Welcome Aboard


We suggest a 09:00 – 09:30 start

 Public toilets available

Place de Québec

Place de Québec is situated just around the corner from The Bayeux Tourist Information Office. We can pick up here anytime Mon – Sat for a full-day D-Day Mix & Match Private Tour. There are toilet facilities here, as well as a cafe nearby – ‘La Garde Manger’ – perfect for passengers who wish a quick coffee prior to departure. Passengers can specify their tour start time and designated pick-up /drop-off location on our booking system. (Our Bayeux Train Station pick-up is at 09:20 Mon-Fri and we will always wait for you…). Private Tour clients also benefit from a free Bayeux Hotel pick-up / drop-off option….).


Return to Place-de-Québec or Bayeux Train Station

At the end of the full day’s touring, we arrive back at Bayeux Station or at your designated Bayeux location at 18:00

If you are beginning your day with one of our D-Day half-day Tours, then we will typically stop for lunch back in Bayeux, prior to departing for the Sightseeing Visit in the second half of the day. We will always depart our last location on schedule at 17:45 to ensure that we arrive back in Bayeux in plenty of time for clients to catch the 18:35 Mon-Fri, Bayeux > Paris train (via Caen). During our relaxing drive back to the station you will no doubt reflect on the day’s experience and have a casual chat with your driver. We always appreciate feedback about your D-Day Tour & Sightseeing experience and welcome any last-minute questions. Please do not hesitate to let your driver know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing NormandyONtour.



*Your full-day Private Mix & Match D-Day tour lasts a total of 8.5 hrs (including 1 hour for lunch).

Drop-Off Times {Sat} : We can return you to Bayeux Train Station on Saturdays at approximately 18:30 for your onward journey, or if you are returning to Bayeux then we will either return you to your hotel, or drop you off in Place de Québec between 18:30 and 18:45 – in time for an aperitif. Please speak to your driver, who will be glad to assist in making your advance dinner reservations.


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