[T3] The American Beaches – Summer (PRIVATE) – From Paris by train

Tour Description

Full Day PRIVATE Tour of The American D-Day Sector

The Advantages of a Private Tour

→ A ‘Fixed-circuit’ Private Tour is the perfect way to discover the D-Day landing sites of Normandy in a small family group, or group of friends, accompanied by a professional fluent English-speaker Guide.

All of the D-Day sites listed – as well as additional brief stops on our planned route – have been carefully chosen to include the major sites in The American D-Day landing sector. At major sites there is ample free-time to walk around and take photos and at brief ‘photo opportunity pitstops’, we are not required to disembark.

You will have your own dedicated guide in your own small private party (max 8) throughout the entire duration of the tour, who will go out of his / her way to make your day memorable and endeavour to answer your every question.

Travel in style, safely…

Our D-Day Private Tours are conducted in spacious panoramic vehicles with air-conditioning front and rear, a fridge to keep your water chilled and onboard WiFi for all of your devices. Our Private Tour vehicles are also equipped with the latest in vehicle security & passenger safety technology.

Tour Schedule 2024

The tour operates Mon Friday (From April 2nd to Oct 31st, in 2024).

The D-Day Sites you will visit on this tour

The American Sector: Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer; Omaha Beach ‘E1 Exit’ at WN#65 ‘Le Ruquet’ (US 1st and 2nd ID); passing Monument ‘Les Braves’ at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer; Omaha Beach at Vierville-sur-Mer (Saving Private Ryan film location) & US 29th ID – National Guard Monument; Pointe-du-Hoc (2nd US Rangers); Sainte-Mère-Eglise (and *Airborne Museum – lunchbreak *option); Utah Beach, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont (101st Airborne); Normandy French Resistance Monument.

Bonus sites (time-permitting & from inside the vehicle): Meehan crash site and 101st US Division’s ‘Currahee’ Memorial; Hedgerow Battle countryside; Free French 2nd Armoured Division “Leclerc Monument”German Strongpoint WN8Dick Winters Leadership Monument, Brécourt Manor 506th “Easy” Company Memorial and 101st Airborne 501st P.I.R. Drop Zone D – Angoville-au-plain.

Pick-up Times & locations

We depart Bayeux’s tiny train station at 09:00, returning at 18:00.

*Check-in is 10 mins prior to departure.(08:50).

NB: Bayeux Station is a designated pick-up point for all major D-Day Tour Companies, therefore kindly ensure you board the correct company’s vehicle. Tip; Look out for our logo in the windscreen. (See ‘Helpful Info’ for pick-up location maps).

 The Battle was WON…The Tour is ON


*Tip : Click the square logo upper left (before NormandyONtour) or click the numbers for more details…


D-Day PRIVATE Tour – Fixed Start Time. Check-in is 10 mins prior to departure.

Journey Starts


*06:00 (*appx)

 Public toilets available

Saint Lazare Train Station

Normandy-bound Paris daytrippers will begin their journey here around 06:00 [Mon-Fri], depending on the season / train schedules. There is a fast-food outlet adjacent to the platform, as well as a several booths selling coffee & snacks. cafe nearby for passengers who wish a quick coffee prior to departure.

The train trip is comfortable, fast – just over 2 hours and 20 minutes (direct train!) – and affordable. It is also a far more relaxing option than hiring a car in Paris for a Bayeux daytrip!

Tip: See our ‘Helpful Info’ menu for train ticket links & valuable tips.

Paris to Bayeux

PARIS St. Lazare early morning 06:00 (appx) departure required: Destination BAYEUX by 08:45 latest (on Cherbourg line). Your Bayeux Station check-in is at 08:50, so clients must arrive in Bayeux by train no later than 08:45.

When clients disembark the train, our minibuses are only 20 feet from the platform! Your guide will greet you directly on the platform, by the exit gate (please look out for the ONTour logo!)

NB: On this service, we will await clients arriving onboard delayed trains (up to 90 mins, or until 10:30am) and reserve the right to depart the station at 10:30. *Please refer to our T&Cs (at checkout) for more information.

Welcome Aboard


09:00 departure

NO Public toilets available at the station!

Bayeux Train Station

We pick up Paris daytrippers here at the station [Mon – Fri] at 08:50 for a 09:00 fixed departure.

NB: It is the client’s responsibility to be at the pick-up point on time.

Note: There is only a single public toilet outside the station (often queued), and so we ask clients to use the train restrooms prior to disembarking.

(*Tip: There’s also a café close to the station – down to the right upon exiting – and ordering a “quick Espresso” usually provides the ‘cover’ required for its use.

Tip: Parking for hire cars is also available at Bayeux Station: If parked directly outside the station – with the station at your back – then the carpark is visible just over to the right (across the road, and past the railroad underpass), and it’s directly behind the grayish Pôle Emploi (Job Centre) building.

However, although parking here is free, clients must still enter their registration number into the parking meter and place the printed ticket in their windscreen!


40-minute drive to Bayeux Station

Public toilets nearby

Drop-off: Bayeux Train Station 18:00

As our clients will be Paris-bound on the [Mon-Fri] *18:30 (*appx) Bayeux to Paris train, it is absolutely imperative that we depart our last stop on schedule at 16:50 and so we ask all clients to be mindful of this when regrouping at the end of the final site visit.

NB: Once back in Bayeux at 17.30pm (Place de Québec), we’ll make a brief pitstop (15 mins), to allow clients returning on the train to Paris to disembark for 15 minutes to purchase groceries for their return trip, prior to their 18:00 Bayeux station drop-off.

It’s an easy 12-15 minute stroll back to the station on foot too. If walking back, please just let your driver know not to expect your return!

Train back to PARIS


*2h30 mins (*seasonal)

 Public toilets available

Return to Paris

This train arrives back at Paris St. Lazare Station at *20:45 (*8:45pm) *appx. NB: Clients must check train times prior to booking with us. The return trip by train is a very relaxing way to end an unforgettable day…

*’Modifiable Ticket’ always recommended when booking



*Your Group D-Day tour lasts a total of 9 hours 

Drop-Off Time: Your driver will return you to Bayeux Station at 18:00, in plenty of time to catch your train back to Paris at *18:30 (*appx).


La Pépinière d'entreprises

de Bayeux Intercom

Z.A. de Nonant, Rue d/Longues Haies

14400, Nonant, Calvados

Normandie, France


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Chauffeur Licence (VTC): 01417003201

Guide-Conférencier: GC 21-14-009P

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