[T2] The American Beaches – Summer (PRIVATE) – Bayeux

Tour Description

Full Day PRIVATE Tour of The American D-Day Sector

The Advantages of a Private Tour

→ A ‘Fixed-circuit’ Private Tour is the perfect way to discover the D-Day landing sites of Normandy in a small family group, or group of friends, accompanied by a professional fluent English-speaker Guide.

→ All of the D-Day sites listed – as well as additional brief stops on our planned route – have been carefully chosen to include the major sites in The American D-Day landing sector. At major sites there is ample free-time to walk around and take photos and at brief ‘photo opportunity pitstops’, we are not required to disembark.

→ You will have your own dedicated guide in your own small private party (max 8) throughout the entire duration of the tour, who will go out of his / her way to make your day memorable and endeavour to answer your every question.

Travel in style, safely…

Our D-Day Private Tours are conducted in spacious panoramic vehicles with air-conditioning front and rear, a fridge to keep your water chilled and onboard WiFi for all of your devices. Our Private Tour vehicles are also equipped with the latest in vehicle security & passenger safety technology.

Tour Schedule 2024

The tour operates Mon Friday (From April 2nd to Oct 31st, in 2024).

The D-Day Sites you will visit on this tour

The American Sector: Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer; Omaha Beach ‘E1 Exit’ at WN#65 ‘Le Ruquet’ (US 1st and 2nd ID); passing Monument ‘Les Braves’ at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer; Omaha Beach at Vierville-sur-Mer (Saving Private Ryan film location) & US 29th ID – National Guard Monument; Pointe-du-Hoc (2nd US Rangers); Sainte-Mère-Eglise (and *Airborne Museum – lunchbreak *option); Utah Beach, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont (101st Airborne); Normandy French Resistance Monument.

 Bonus sites (time-permitting & from inside the vehicle): Meehan crash site and 101st US Division’s ‘Currahee’ Memorial; Hedgerow Battle countryside; Free French 2nd Armoured Division “Leclerc Monument”German Strongpoint WN8Dick Winters Leadership Monument, Brécourt Manor 506th “Easy” Company Memorial and 101st Airborne 501st P.I.R. Drop Zone D – Angoville-au-plain.

Pick-up Times & locations

→ On this tour our Private Tour clients benefit from a 09:00 central Bayeux, Place de Québec departure service, returning to base at appx 17:30.

*Check-in is 10 mins prior to departure (08:50).

NB: Place de Québec is the designated pick-up point for all major D-Day Tour Companies, therefore kindly ensure you board the correct company’s vehicle. Tip; Look out for our logo in the windscreen. (See ‘Helpful Info’ for pick-up location maps).

 The Battle was WON…The Tour is ON


*Tip : Click the square logo upper left (before NormandyONtour) or click the numbers for more details…


D-Day Private Tour – ‘Fixed’ circuit start time. Check-in is 10 mins prior to departure.

Welcome Aboard


09:00 departure

 Public toilets available

Place de Québec

Place de Québec is situated just around the corner from The Bayeux Tourist Information Office. We pick up here weekdays 08:50. There are toilet facilities in Place de Québec, as well as at the nearby cafe ‘Le Garde Manger’, should passengers wish a quick coffee and a chat prior to departure.

Please be sure to board the correct company’s vehicle – it is a busy place!

(Tip: Parking is available here and also nearby at Place aux Pommes).


40 minute drive back to Bayeux

Public toilets nearby

Drop-off: Place de Québec 17:30

We will depart our last stop on schedule at 16:50. During our relaxing drive back to Place de Québec, you will have 40 minutes to reflect on the day’s touring and have a casual chat with your Guide. We always appreciate feedback about your D-Day experience and welcome any last-minute questions. Please do not hesitate to let your driver know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing NormandyONtour.



*Your PRIVATE D-Day tour lasts a total of 8.5 hours.

Drop-Off Times: Your driver will return you to Place de Québec at 17:30, at the end of your tour.


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