Tour Alpha – Flexi (5-hr / 7-hr / 9-hr)

Tour Description

5-hr Half- or Full-day ‘flexi’ Private Tour of The American D-Day Sector

The Advantages of choosing a ‘flexi’ Private Tour

→ Our Half-Day Tour Alpha (5-9 hr ‘flexi’ tour) is an exceptionally easy-going tour, ideal for those clients looking for a customizable insight into the American D-Day campaign experience.

A quick look at the map below will give you an idea of this tour’s coverage when booked as a ‘fixed’ 4-hr Half-Day PRIVATE Tour (Tour H1), with a Bayeux Hotel pick-up & Place de Québec drop-off [Mon-Sun].

Hotel check-in: 08:50 (in hotel entrance lobby). Hotel departure: 09:00. NB: Central Bayeux hotels only.

Drop-off:  Place de Québec, central Bayeux (just in time for lunch!).

*For our ‘extended’ flexible options, please scroll further down the page.

Travel in style, safely…

Our half-day D-Day Private ‘Tour Alpha’ is conducted in one of our spacious comfortable 8-seat panoramic Tourers, with air-conditioning front and rear, drinks holders, a fridge to keep your water chilled, onboard WiFi. Our vehicles are also equipped with the latest in vehicle security & passenger safety technology.

Tour Schedule

The ‘fixed’ 4-hr tour runs throughout the summer season [Mon-Sun]. This tour can be booked directly within this page (‘Book Now’) or on the ‘H2 Tour Alpha‘ page..  The extended 5-9 hr ‘flexible’ version of this tour – which operates on-demand – can be booked via either our [C1] or [C2] transport solutions (just below).

The D-Day Sites you will visit on this tour

The American D-Day Sector [4-hr tour]: *Pointe-du-Hoc, Omaha Beach at Vierville-sur-Mer (Saving Private Ryan film location) & National Guard Memorial, passing Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer & Monument ‘Les Braves’ on Omaha Beach, Colleville American Cemetery (optional *Visitor Centre instead of Pointe-du-Hoc). Note: If clients choose not to visit La Pointe-du-Hoc, then time-permitting, we will also venture down the bluff towards Omaha Beach, over-looking German Strongpoint WN#62.

Pick-up Times & Locations

→ Via this booking page, we operate our 4-hr Half-Day D-Day Tours on a fixed schedule (as per the 09:0013:15 / 14:00-18:00 [Mon-Sun] itinerary below.

Please see the ‘Helpful Info’ menu for pick-up location maps.

NB: Clients wishing to book the aforementioned standalone, unmodified tour (as it appears on this page) are invited to just skip the next section.

The Advantages of choosing a half-day Private Tour via our ‘Transport Solutions’ services

→  Tour Alpha Options: Both a 4 to 6-hr customizable tour and 7 to 9-hr customizable tour are available:

4 to 6-hr customizable tour [via our C1 Transport Solutions service]


7 to 9-hr customizable tour [via our C2 Transport Solutions service]

→ This Includes: Tour customization, Hotel or station pick-up & drop-off services.

→ Ideal for flexible custom-created ’boutique’ tours and for visiting those *rare sites and tourist attractions found ‘off the beaten track’ (*Airborne Tours! Tour ‘Delta‘ – US Airborne Sector Tour &  Tour ‘Echo‘ – British Airborne Sector Tour, as well as ).

→ You will have your own dedicated guide in your own small private group throughout the entire duration of the tour, who will go out of his / her way to make your day memorable and endeavour to answer your every question.

NB: By adding this tour as an ‘extra’ to our  [C1] or [C2] Transport Solutions, our Bayeux and Caen-based clients may benefit from extended visiting time options, including a choice from the following: [+45 mins] The Colleville US Cemetery’s stunning visitor centre (not visited on well-known major group-tour circuits, mostly due to time constraints); [+45 mins] the incredible Overlord Museum (situated right outside the US Cemetery); [+25 mins] Calvados Tasting (a visit to a nearby local orchard); [+60 mins] extended Omaha Beach options – visit the entire beach including: The German strongpoint WN#62 / St. Laurent-sur-Mer – monument ‘Les Braves’ / Vierville – National Guard monument (saving Private Ryan shooting location) and [+45 mins] finish the day at the German anti-naval gun battery at Longues-sur-Mer, sat atop the cliffs overlooking Gold Beach.

From Caen: If you are based in Caen, then you might consider taking the Caen > Bayeux morning train [appx 08:00-08:30]  and choosing a free Bayeux Station 08:50  morning pick-up. Alternatively, simply add a Caen hotel pick-up / drop-off ‘extra’ (supplement) at checkout when booking [C2].

NB: The scheduled Paris > Bayeux train (via Caen – on the Cherbourg line) arrives in Bayeux between 08:30 and 08:45 [Mon – Fri] and we will be waiting for you directly outside the tiny Bayeux Station at 08:45 for a 09:00 departure. (Please be sure to check all train schedules ahead of travelling).

*The extended [C1] 4-6-hr and [C2] 7-9-hr transport-solution tours, pick up at Bayeux hotels or train station or from central Bayeux from 08:50 onwards, and come with completely customizable drop-off options. Note: The latest finish time is 18:00. *Pick-up / drop-off from Caen (and nearby costal towns) is available via our 7-9-hr [C2] service.

 The Battle was WON…The Tour is ON


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Half-Day D-Day Private Tour available as a customizable ‘Flexi’ Tour 5-9 hrs (via our ‘Transport Solutions) OR as a 4-hr Fixed tour. Bayeux H1 ‘fixed’ start times below [Mon-Sun].

Welcome Aboard


Departs Bayeux at 09:00 / 14:00

 Public toilets available

Place de Québec

Place de Québec is situated just around the corner from The Bayeux Tourist Information Office. We either pick up clients at their hotels, or pick up here at 08:50 / 13:50 [Mon-Sun], for a half-day Private Tour. There are toilet facilities here, as well as a cafe nearby – ‘La Garde Manger’ – perfect for passengers who wish a quick coffee prior to departure.


20-minute drive back to Bayeux

Return to Bayeux, Place-de-Québec, at 13:15

Following the 09:00 to 13:15 morning tour, we will return you to your hotel or central Bayeux, Place de Québec at 13:15, in time for lunch. There are plenty of bistros, cafés and restaurants in the vicinity. At the end of the day, we always depart our last stop on schedule at 12:50, in order to ensure that we arrive back in Bayeux at 13:15. During our relaxing drive back to Bayeux you will have 20 minutes to reflect on the half-day tour and have a casual chat with your Guide. We always appreciate feedback about your D-Day experience and welcome any last-minute questions. Please do not hesitate to let your driver know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing NormandyONtour.


13:15 / 18:15

*Your Half-Day Private Tour lasts a total of 4hrs 15 minutes.


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