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Here is some useful travel info if travelling by train from Paris CDG to Caen / Bayeux

The RER B, a regional train service, travels from CDG Airport into Paris, and for trains to Normandy your departure station will be Paris St. Lazare. The RER B does not travel directly between CDG Airport and St. Lazare, but it’s doable with easy connections once you get into Paris. The RER runs frequently from CDG and advance reservations aren’t necessary. There is a button link below to info on the CDG / Paris RER routes and timetables are available on Paris By Train.

These are the three routes you can follow from CDG Airport to Paris St. Lazare:

1) Take the RER B to Gare du Nord (Magenta Station) – 5 mins disembark and follow signs left for the RER E to St. Lazare – 30 mins (Cost 10 Euros p/p).

2) OR Take the RER B to Chatelet (one stop beyond Gare du Nord), disembark then take the Metro Line 14 to St. Lazare.

3) OR why not take an Uber Ride from CDG Airport to Paris St. Lazare? Simply download the app to your phone, enter your details (name, phone number), pay by card in advance (Max fare should be 45 Euros for this trip) and await your cab outside. You will receive the cab description directly to your phone and we do not recommend accepting ‘offers’ from loiterers in the arrivals bay. Uber is big business in Paris – please make sure you travel only with your designated driver.  We also recommend waiting until the luggage carousel starts moving before contacting Uber. Your driver may well be waiting for you as soon as you exit the arrivals hall – he/she should have your name displayed on their phone / tablet (travel only once electronic proof of your pre-reservation has been confirmed by your driver).

If making the journey by train, it’s a good idea to book your St.Lazare > Bayeux / Caen tickets in advance as fares become more expensive the closer you are to your travel date. Schedules are usually posted ninety days in advance, but you can do a “dummy” booking to see what you can expect. For train bookings, we use the TGV / Europe site, and the link below will give info and other websites that will help you on how to do this.

There are quirks in the system that affect American and Australian travellers in particular, so read the info here and the accompanying links before you start this process. You will also find info on the various ticketing levels, and if you are travelling immediately after landing at CDG, I would book the highest level ‘modifiable’ ticket from St. Lazare. With these more expensive ‘modifiable’ tickets, there is a small fee payable that enables you to change your ticket if you get to the station early or miss your train if your plane is late. Read the conditions on these changes carefully.

We would suggest allowing at least three hours between your plane’s arrival and the St. Lazare departure. CDG to St Lazare shouldn’t take more than 90 mins – 2hrs {max}, including waiting/walking/buying tickets/RER B/E trains. Please make sure you have at least 11 Euros p/p in currency in your pocket for the ticket machines.

When we travel ourselves, we get into Paris CDG from Glasgow, Scotland at 14:10, get to St. Lazare by 15:45, and usually take the 17:08 Cherbourg train direct to Bayeux (be careful as it stops in Caen first – 15 minutes from Bayeux). I have however used Uber (independent taxi service) three times recently and it was seamless – 40 minutes from CDG Airport to St Lazare. There is also a  Burger King, and a toilet in the Train Station right beside your platform. (NB : At the entrance to St. Lazare Station toilets, there is a kind of reception desk / concierge. Do not leave your luggage with the toilet concierge (who will insist upon it – as there is insufficient space inside the toilets for all of the travellers and their luggage) entering the  toilet leaving your valuable luggage under her unsecured ‘watchful’ eye, but rather attempt to enter as a couple, so that one person may stand by the luggage at the ‘reception desk’. Better safe than sorry…

If you have any difficulty whatsoever in Paris simply call us and we will do our best to assist. We wish you a safe and pleasant trip.

Our recommendation : Although it may be a more expensive option, our Premium Chauffeur Service picks up regularly in Paris, and transports clients directly from the Airport to their Normandy accomodation (return trips are also possible from Normandy to Paris, or onward journeys from Caen / Bayeux to destinations further afield). We regularly collect clients in Paris who spend one day (or more) touring D-Day & Cultural sites with us, a second day visiting Mont-Saint-Michel (with Calvados Tasting enroute at a famous Normand Orchard) and a third day visiting Deauville, Trouville and Giverny Gardens on the way back to Paris. We also drop clients off at their accomodation in The Loire Valley. This is part of our customizable flagship Overlord-Neptune Tour package and we strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment (see Cultural Visits or Private Tours pages for more information). Our Airport Shuttle service has built-in flexibility and our drivers will wait up to 3 hours for you in Paris should your flight be delayed. You will find all the pertinent information and flexible options available on our Chauffeur Services menu above, as well as on our Tours From Paris page.





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