The 78th D-Day Anniversary - Updated: July 1st, 2022



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Tip: Scroll down the page to see an example of our American Beaches PRIVATE Tour itinerary (2022/3 and beyond).

NB: Our 2023/4 GROUP Tour circuit is virtually identical.

A full-day Private / Group D-Day Tour of the American landing zones and D-Day Beaches typically includes:

  1.  Angoville-au-Plain (a little church transformed into a field hospital by 2 American paratroopers)
  2. Ste. Marie-du-Mont (101st US Airborne)
  3. Utah Beach (4th US Division). On the way from Utah, we will stop at the monument dedicated to Richard Winters, hero of the series “Band of Brothers”
  4. Sainte-Mère-Eglise (where the famous American 82nd US Airborne paratrooper J. Steele got snagged on top of the church. This is our lunch stop too)
  5. Mission Impossible: La Pointe-du-Hoc (2nd US Rangers)
  6. Omaha Beach: Vierville (29th ID, National Guard Monument)
  7. The Normandy Colleville American Cemetery.

{Click to view a detailed intearactive map of The American Beaches D-Day Private Tour circuit, which is almost identical to the American Beaches D-Day Group Tour: 09:45 to 17:45. 'Early-Bird' 08:45 departure option on Private Tours only. Caen pick-up/drop off + €70). *Check in 10 mins prior to departure}.

These are the stops but there will also be a lot of monuments, bunkers and sites to see from the vehicle on the way.

There’s enough time to visit the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Eglise (at lunchtime) and free-time at stops to explore on your own and take photos. Plenty of rest stops and restroom facilities enroute.

We look forward to welcoming you on board very soon...

Iain (Owner) with Veteran Joan De Val, Pegasus 2019.


GOLD BEACH - Asnelles

The plaque reads: "Right here was the terminal (disembarkation point) of Mulberry Harbour B (*after D-Day it was renamed: 'Port Winston'), running 900m in length (actually the full breadth of the harbour was 5 miles wide!), which was used to guide 220,000 men, and 40,000 vehicles which, in 4 months, had landed here on this quay where the LSTs (Landing Ship Tank - large transporters) docked. *Note: There was also an American Mulberry Harbour A, erected at Vierville-sur-Mer, but which was utterly and tragically destroyed amidst Normandy's worst storm in 40 years which raged from June 19 - 22nd, 1944

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→ A choice of carefully structured Private and Group D-Day Tours (in small personable groups of 8 max), led by professional Guides & conducted using stunning visual materials.

Sightseeing & Cultural Visits: Cidre & Cheese Tasting; Le Mont Saint-Michel; St. Malo, Giverny, Honfleur, La Loire & more.

→ Our Motorcycle Group Tours: Small (1-8) or large (9-20) D-Day Group Moto-Tours, led by our Moto-Guide, for bikers riding on their own two wheels.

→ We also have hundreds of hi-rez pics, travel info, links to train tickets, museums & visitor centres, taxi & airport tips, weather info, Bayeux Hotel info & links and so much more...

So, whether it be a guided Private or Group Tour of one or all of the Allied Landing Beaches; a Private Shuttle to Le Mont Saint-Michel via The Overlord Museum or Colleville US Cemetery, or its stunning new {June 2019} Visitor Centre; perhaps a Private Shuttle with an early morning pick-up from a Paris hotel or Paris CDG Airport, followed by a trip up the Cheese & Calvados Cidre Routes in Le Pays d’Auge enroute to Normandy - no matter how simple or complex your itinerary - we have still got you covered!

Note: In late Dec 2019, *one family's experience of our flagship Overlord-Neptune customized Private Tour - spread over 3 days - included all of the aforementioned (*click link for the Trip Advisor review).