The 76th D-Day Anniversary – Updated: August 21st, 2020

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GOLD BEACH – Asnelles

The plaque reads: “Right here was the terminal (disembarkation point) of Mulberry Harbour B (*after D-Day it was renamed: ‘Port Winston’), running 900m in length (actually the full breadth of the harbour was 5 miles wide!), which was used to guide 220,000 men, and 40,000 vehicles which, in 4 months, had landed here on this quay where the LSTs (Landing Ship Tank – large transporters) docked. *Note: There was also an American Mulberry Harbour A, erected at Vierville-sur-Mer, but which was utterly and tragically destroyed amidst Normandy’s worst storm in 40 years which raged from June 19 – 22nd, 1944.


Today, June 6 2020, we may not be able to visit the resting places of those who fell on D-Day (and beyond) but that will not stop us from remembering their and their families sacrifice, especially on this special day.

The French air-force still flew its annual “Patrouille de France” today, eight jets in a V-formation overflew the American Cemetery and Omaha Beach at precisely 14:15, with the customary tricolore smoke trails.

Let us hope that next year we will all be able to attend the June 6th, 77th Annual D-Day Ceremony together.

Until then, God Bless and stay safe…

Covid-19: August 15th UPDATE

Today the UK re-imposed its 14-day obligatory quarantine for everyone entering or re-entering The UK after having been in any of the following countries: France, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Monaco, Malta, Turkey and a few others. These countries have been removed from the exemption list at extremely short notice, thus prompting a panic as 160,000 British tourists currently overseas rush to get home – paying ferry and flight prices up to six times more expensive than usual! (more here) These countries were targeted for quarantine restrictions because their infection rates ‘exceeded 20 cases per 100,000 people over seven days’. France may reciprocate regards imposing a quarantine. Unfortunately, we too are personally affected since we had booked a short UK trip for August 30th, so we will have no doubt need to observe a 14-day quarantine period.This may delay our site’s launch by several weeks.

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You will find the official EU figures (as of August 15, 2020) here, as well as the latest global statics and other important up-to-the-date info – listed by country – here. That page also contains a link to a Q&A Covid-19 page, where you can find all of the info pertinent to the exact nature of Covid-19 (what it is; the risk of infection – including to young ones and expectant mothers – its symptoms; mode of transfer; efficacy of masks; vaccine development etc…).

Covid-19: July 27th UPDATE

Due to a localized second wave, Spain has reintroduced the 14 day quarantine period and all flights, and holiday packages from the UK to Spain have been temporarily halted. All UK visitors to Spain (40,000 Brits currently on holiday in Spain during what is the N°1 annual holiday period for UK residents) will have to once again face ‘lockdown’ for 2 weeks before returning to civilian life (people will again miss weddings, funerals, events and will obviously not be able to resume work activities during the obligatory confinement period).

*Tourists : We have many German, French, Dutch tourists in Bayeux right now and there are a few American and Canadian clients who have come to Normandy from elsewhere in Europe. But unfortunately the major, and smaller Private Guide companies, remain closed.

Covid-19: July 10th UPDATE

Workers have now returned to work full-time in France, and schools & kindergarten are to reopen too. Restaurants, pubs, cafés etc are all to reopen while respecting the social distancing laws (1 metre). While large public gatherings (festivals, concerts etc) are still to be avoided.

Tourism: From July 1st onwards European travel in and out of France will resume (with all EU countries who have observed a strict de-confinement regime). The UK’s June 8 announcement of an obligatory 14-day de-confinement quarantine for passengers travelling between France has now ceased.


Due to the Corona Virus and the current ‘confinement’ we have decided to re-programme our partner sites (Viator, Trip Advisor, Expedia and Get Your Guide) from March 2021 for all Private Tours and Chauffeur Services, as well as our new 2021 Group Tours (from April 2nd onwards) and expect to have all of these online and bookable by late October, 2020. It’s all very fluid here. We’re basically awaiting news of flights being restored between the USA, Canda and France.

Pre-Bookings and enquiries for all Private Tours, shuttles and chauffeur services outside of the above dates (e.g. during Nov/Dec 2020 and Jan/Feb 2021) will also be available via the website’s ‘Get In Touch’ form, but will not be ‘bookable’ via the reservation system. Simply drop us a line.

Our site WILL move forward as soon as we have dates with which to pre-programme our booking system and that availability will depend upon the Global Authorities (and predominantly American & Canadian tourists, who make up 90% of our business).

For the time being, it is unfortunately a waiting game for the entire global tourism industry. It looks like all June D-Day events have been cancelled this year, as well as yearly festivals (July’s popular Bayeux Medieval Festival etc).

**We are not expecting international tourists before October at the earliest… we will keep you updated on this page.

NB: Back in Mars we ‘froze’ pre-paid bookings, and along with clients agreed to postpone all pre-paid Private Tours to a later date. Therefore, client payments will be held in escrow until the rescheduled tour date comes around in 2021. So regardless of whether clients have purchased our Cancellation Insurance or not, their payment is safe and their tour guaranteed, regardless of when they finally get here.

Our 2021 Group Tours (April 2nd 2021 onwards) will be available for purchase online when the site goes live in October.


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Our website is packed with:
→A choice of carefully structured Private and Group D-Day Tours (in small personable groups of 8 max), led by professional Guides & conducted using stunning visual materials.
Sightseeing & Cultural Visits: Cidre & Cheese Tasting; Le Mont Saint-Michel; St. Malo, Giverny, Honfleur, La Loire & more.
→ Our luxury Chauffeur Services on board a Mercedes Tourer: Leather interior, carpeted floor, tinted windows, reclining seats, comfy neck rests, drinks holders, USB charging ports front & rear; WiFi on board; A/C and heating front & rear; clear audio throughout via guide’s headset and – last but not least – hot coffee, tea and chilled juices, sodas & water.
→ Our Motorcycle Private Tours: 1 pillion passenger on board our luxury Honda Goldwing Classic (for any of the above services) or Small (1-8) or large (9-20) D-Day Group Moto-Tours, led by our Moto-Guide, for bikers riding on their own two wheels.
→ We also have hundreds of hi-rez pics, travel info, links to train tickets, museums & visitor centres, taxi & airport tips, weather info, Bayeux Hotel info & links and so much more…
We are very mindful that we also still need to update our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts from back in 2019! We have SO many great stories and images from the massive 75th Anniversary. We will get around to that just as soon as the site has gone live. Plus, we have actually been out & about ONTour throughout Winter 2019 /early 2020, which slows things down a little bit administratively.
But, it’s been SO SO good to get out and meet folks throughout the Winter. Not merely because it breaks the monotony of PC marathon sessions BUT because TOURING is what we do best – the strenuous IT hours are merely a means-to-an-end and that end is meeting YOU for your special day here in unforgettable Normandy.
So, whether it be guided Group Tour of one or all of the Allied Landing Beaches or a Group Shuttle to Le Mont Saint-Michel via The Overlord Museum or Colleville US Cemetery, or its stunning new {June 2019} Visitor Centre; perhaps a Private Shuttle with an early morning pick-up from a Paris hotel or Paris CDG Airport, followed by a trip up the Cheese & Calvados Cidre Routes in Le Pays d’Auge enroute to Normandy – no matter how simple or complex your itinerary – we have still got you covered!
In late Dec 2019, *one family’s experience of a customized Private Tour – spread over 3 days – included all of the aforementioned (*click link for the Trip Advisor review).
→ All of our Group Tours are conducted in English. However at checkout, Private Tour & Chauffeur-Service clients can also choose any private service in one of the following languages: French, Spanish, German and *Japanese (*Le Mont Saint-Michel only).
Very competitive pricing:
→ We also have the lowest Private Tour prices in Normandy; tours which clients can modify and/or customize simply by adding a selection of optional add-ons or ‘extras’ to their order within our booking system.
Flexible payment options:
→ Furthermore, by ‘pre-booking’ (€1 deposit), you can then proceed in complete confidence with the design of your own simple one-day or complex multiple-day customized tour itinerary, planning – over days or weeks (with or without our input and feedback) – until you are fully satisfied with your itinerary and the smallest details. By doing so you will ensure 100% satisfaction on the day; before you pay. If satisfied with any of our fixed itinerary tours ‘out-of-the-box’, then clients can also proceed quickly through the checkout and pay in full.
→ We also offer flexible payment options with our own Cancellation Insurance, which for a small fee, covers client reservations right up until your tour departure (see T&Cs). At checkout choose between two global giants, Paypal and Authorize.Net (secure card processing), or opt to pay merely a part deposit, with the remainder paid on-the-day in cash or by card (*We have secure card processing on board all of our vehicles).

About Us – Some General Info

We opened shop in 2019 with fresh ideas for well-paced, enjoyable Private D-Day Tours and sightseeing trips, for people of all ages and backgrounds, riding comfortably in a luxury 9-seat Mercedes Tourer – leather interiors, tinted windows, reclining seats, wifi, usb connections front and rear, drinks holders, with coffee & chilled beverages & snacks on board too. From April 2021 we will be adding competitively-priced Group Tours to our list of services. Among these will be our Mont Saint-Michel ‘special’ shuttle via Colleville American Cemetery (with options to visit Omaha Beach, The Overlord Museum or spend time in The Cemetery Visitor Centre).
Last year in 2019, in addition to our international tourists, we guided: Well-schooled D-Day enthusiasts, hobbyists, international student-groups, as well as active US Rangers (!), active and retired pilots and tank commanders and of course veterans too. So, regardless of your background, we have something to suit all knowledge levels, tastes, and requirements.
We also provide high-end Chauffeur Services (with/without a ‘guide’), for hotel and airport transfers (including Paris CDG, Caen-Carpiquet) and again, these are tailor-made to suit. Whether travelling in style from Normandy to Paris, or Paris to Le Pays d’Auge, we can assist.

Tip: Scroll down to see our American Beaches 2020/21 Private Tour (customizable).

From Paris by train [Mon-Fri, 09:16 pick-up at Bayeux Train Station] or central Bayeux / Caen, or hotel pick-up [08:45 to 09:45, Mon – Sun]. ‘Outside Zones‘ (‘Other’ Normandy pick-up/drop-off locations) are also covered within our extensive list of services.
General info:
Private Tours (from €480): Luxury Mercedes, 1-8 clients, and tours are led by a native English-speaker guide.

NEWS: 2021 Group Tours (€110): spacious vehicles with all-round excellent panoramique viewing, 1-8 clients, and all tours will be led by professional fluent English-speaker guides.

A full day Day Tour of the American landing zones and D-Day Beaches typically includes:

  1. Angoville-au-Plain (a little church transformed into a field hospital by 2 American paratroopers)
  2. Ste. Marie-du-Mont (101st US Airborne)
  3. Utah Beach (4th US Division). On the way from Utah, we will stop at the monument dedicated to Richard Winters, hero of the series “Band of Brothers”
  4. Sainte-Mère-Eglise (where the famous American 82nd US Airborne paratrooper J. Steele got snagged on top of the church. This is our lunch stop too)
  5. Mission Impossible: La Pointe-du-Hoc (2nd US Rangers)
  6. Omaha Beach: Vierville (29th ID, National Guard Monument)
  7. The Normandy Colleville American Cemetery.
These are the stops but there will also be a lot of monuments, bunkers and sites to see from the vehicle on the way.
There’s enough time to visit the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Eglise (at lunchtime) and free-time at stops to explore on your own and take photos. Plenty of rest stops and restroom facilities enroute.
→ For fixed schedule full-day Private Tours We can provide a Mon-Fri Bayeux station pick up (at 09.16) or Mon-Sun *09:45 Bayeux/Caen Hotel pick up with a full day D-Day tour and drop off at 17:45 (in plenty of time to catch the 18.35 back to Paris). *Note: An 08:45 ‘Early- Bird’ add-on (‘extra’) is also available at checkout.

*Tours & Services also from cruise ship ports of Cherbourg/Honfleur/St. Malo/Le Havre. Half-Day D-Day Tours from Paris hotels for onward transfers to Normandy too.

*Reminder: Group Tours available from April 2nd 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you on board…

Iain (Owner) with Veteran Joan De Val, Pegasus 2017.